6 X 16 Colours Portfolio Series Tile | Yellow Tulips | Artist Original

90.00 $USD

Each and every 6″ x 16″ Colours Portfolio Series Yellow Tulips Tile is an original work of art. The tiles in our Portfolio Series are individually hand drawn by our artist, hand glazed, and then kiln fired on a vibrant cobalt blue porcelain tile. Your Artist Signed Original Tile will look similar to the one in the photo, but will be unique unto itself.  Displayed in your home or your garden you will enjoy it for many years to come.



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 *Lifetime Warranty – Portfolio Series Tile – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR INDOOR or OUTDOOR DISPLAY!!!

Each and every Colours Portfolio Series Tulips Tile is unique unto itself. The artwork is hand drawn and hand glazed on a vibrant cobalt blue Porcelain Tile.

Your custom made tile is designed to last a lifetime. The kiln fired (2,000 degrees) commercial floor grade quality porcelain tile can be left outdoors year round in any climate. The classic look you can take pride in displaying today will maintain the same classic look fifty years from now.

“ Lifetime Warranty – your tile sign will never peel, crack, or fade while displayed in your garden. As with any tile it can suffer impact damage which we do not warranty.