WaterJet Cut Corten Steel Floating Minimalist Numbers

Starting at 45.00 $USD


CorTen Steel provides an unparalleled rugged aesthetic. The unique and varied shades are produced as the surface layer of the metal rusts. This weathered metal look complements both rustic and modern urban dwellings. Ordering is as easy as 1,2,3…

1 – Select your Size.  6″ – 24″ in height.

2 – Select your Font.  Choose one of our most popular fonts, or create a truly unique look by comparing styles at Adobe Fonts or Google Fonts.

3 – Complete your Order.  

The price includes the Numbers, Hardware for the Floating Blind Mount System, Installation Template with Instructions, Lifetime Warranty, and Expedited Delivery. `

Step 1 - Select Your Size

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  • How Many Digits? *

  • Update Quantity *

Step 2 - Select Your Font

  • Select Font *

  • Enter Your Custom Font Name *

    We can create the numbers in any font. Please go to Adobe Fonts or Google Fonts. Enter your address in the “Sample Text” box, use the filters, and you may view your numbers in many different fonts at the same time.

Step 3 - Complete Your Order

  • Please enter your numbers/letters (in order) for The Installation Template...... *

  • Select Template Orientation *

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