Provincial Flowers Address Plaque


This special series honours the provinces and territories of Canada. The hand drawn and hand glazed artist original designs capture the unique beauty of each provincial emblem. The artistry is featured in vivid kiln fired colour on porcelain tile for permanent brilliance. The charm of wood grain combines with the durability of tile to provide the perfect canvas for each floral emblem. Subtle variations in the background texture depicted in each tile further enhance the one-of-a-kind quality.

Made in Canada – Lifetime Warranty
6″ x 18 Powder Coated Cast Aluminum Frame
Porcelain Weathered Wood Tile
Waterproof Grout
2 weeks production time.

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Made in Canada – Lifetime Warranty
Powder Coated Cast Aluminum Frame
Commercial Floor Grade Porcelain Tile
Fusion Pro Grout  Grout Details
Our  Tile Artist hand draws and hand glazes the art work making each sign a unique piece unto itself.
2 weeks production time.