6″ x 12″ Reclaimed Wood

128.00 $USD


Love the look of “Reclaimed Wood”? If you do this porcelain version is the perfect choice, achieving the beautiful natural look but with exceptional durability.
We only use porcelain tile, which is 100% vitreous (waterproof). The numbers are created by applying many layers of glaze to the tile which is then kiln fired to 2,000 degrees fusing the glaze to the tile. The tile is then glued into a powder coated cast aluminum frame. The sign is then grouted using Fusion Pro Grout, an acrylic/silicone mix which is 100% water proof. Two screws (numerous lengths provided as well as decorative cover caps) attach the sign to any substrate.
Simply put, your sign is designed to last a lifetime while enhancing the beauty of your home.


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Lifetime Warranty
Powder Coated Cast Aluminum Frame
Commercial Floor Grade Porcelain Tile. Yes, even though it looks and feels like reclaimed wood this is a premium quality Italian Porcelain Tile.
Hand glazed kiln fired jet black numbers
Fusion Pro Grout  Grout Details
2 weeks production time.